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The USModernist library is the largest open digital collection of major US 20th-century architecture magazines with approximately 2.1 million downloadable pages - all free to access.  Search capability will be added over the next few weeks.

All across America, old architecture magazines are left rotting in attics, basements, libraries, and offices - if they haven't already been thrown away. In their day, these publications chronicled the best of Modernist architecture and the era's talented, progressive architects.  Many of these mid-century Modernist architects and original Modernist clients have died.  The rest are rapidly passing away. The houses are largely forgotten -- and often needlessly destroyed. Often there are few or no records easily available.

Access to legacy publications has never been more critical for preservation, and today's architects, realtors, owners, sellers, and buyers don't have an easy way to research and view magazine coverage, especially from the early to mid-20th century - until now.

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Click a logo to view that publication's magazines in PDF format.  In Windows, right-click to save and download.  The magazine files are large.  Depending on your connection speed, access may take a few minutes.

Publications include AIA Journal, AIA New York, AIA North Carolina, American Architecture, Architect, Architecture, Architecture News Now, Architecture Plus, Architectural Forum, Architectural Record, Arts+Architecture, Atomic Ranch, California Architecture and Building News, California Archiect and Engineer, Florida Architect, House+Home, Keiths, Pencil Points, Progressive Architecture, Sears.

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Major donors include: Atomic Ranch, AIA New York, Michael Raso, Palm Springs Museum of Art, Cranbrook, Baltimore Museum of Art, AIA Chicago, AIA National, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Ben Taylor, Smith Sinnett, Duda Paine, Smithsonian Institution, and Clark Nexsen/Raleigh.