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Los Angeles County building permits, back to the 1920's.
Repository of Worldwide Primary Sources

2018 World Iconic Houses by Jean-Paul Bonfils (Powerpoint)
2018 World Heritage and Modernity by Jean-Paul Bonfils part 1  (Powerpoint)

2018 World Heritage and Modernity by Jean-Paul Bonfils part 2  (Powerpoint)
2018 US Modernist Houses 1930-1960 by Jean-Paul Bonfils (Powerpoint)
2018 US Modernist Houses 1960-1980 by Jean-Paul Bonfils (Powerpoint)

2012 1950's Modernist Mail-Order houses by David Hill

2010 Richard Neutra's Cyclorama in Gettysburg PA

2009 Modernist House Survey, New Canaan CT. Report. Appendices

1960 The South Builds
, written by Terry Waugh, Elizabeth Waugh, and Henry Kamphoefner
1960's Douglas Fir Second Homes for Leisure Living, including George Matsumoto
1954 Quality Budget Houses by Katherine Morrow Ford and Thomas Creighton

1954 Treasury of Con
temporary Houses
1952 Living Spaces by George Nelson
1951 The American House Today by Katherine Morrow Ford
1950's Architectural Record Mid-Century Houses Technical Guide
1946 MOMA If You Want to Build a House by Elizabeth B. Mock

1945 Tomorrow's House by George Nelson and Henry Wright
1940 The Modern House in America, by James Ford and Katherine Morrow Ford