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Clark was born in Pasadena CA.  He trained at Cornell then moved back to Pasadena to work with Van Pelt and Lind and later Albert Frey from 1935-1937. Frey left and returned from NY to Palm Springs in 1939 to form a firm with Clark which lasted nearly twenty more years.  At the end of World War II Palm Springs' population almost tripled, and the city experienced a building boom as an escape for Hollywood and a winter haven for east coast industrialists.  The city became a resort community and Clark and Frey who were well-positioned to capitalize on this growth.  

Clark's best-known projects were collaborations with Frey on Palm Springs City Hall, Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, and Desert Hospital.  He was the lead designer on Frey's Hamrick House, Welwood Murray Memorial Library, and the Church of St. Paul in the Desert. Many thanks to Catherine Westergaard Cramer for her research.

1934 - The Spencer Kellogg House and Studio, 321 West Vereda Sur, Palm Springs CA.

1935 - The H. U. (Harry)Brandenstein Study, 287 East Morongo Road, Palm Springs CA. Clark designed the main house.  Albert Frey designed an outdoor study which was situated away from the main house for privacy  The study contained two square rooms:  one had a solid roof that creates an overhang and the other had a screened-in roof. Sold to Praeneste.  Sold to Harold Bell.  Sold to Steve Schmitt.

1936 - The Francis Crocker House, 330 West Arenas Road, Palm Springs CA.  Address needs verification. 

1937 - The Bacon L. Cliffton House, 669 Chino Canyon Road, Palm Springs CA.  Sold in 1944 to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nordell.  Sold to Jerry and Nancy Korte.



1940 - The John Porter Clark House, 1200 Paseo El Mirador, Palm Springs CA.  Designed with Albert Frey.  Photos by Fritz Block. Deeded to Stanley Clark.

1940 - The John and Francine Hamrick Speculative House, 926 W. Panorama Road,  Palm Springs CA.  Sold in 1950 to B. C. Adams.  Sold in 1953 to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Albertson.  Sold in 2010 to Robert and Melissa Sutton.

1942 - The Paul Dougherty House, 1860 N. Vista Drive, Palm Springs CA.  Sold in 2008 to Michael Fleming and Luis Lavin.  In 2014 it was designated a historic property.

1945 - The Barry Johnson House, 667 East Mel Avenue, Palm Springs CA.  Sold in 2006 to Esther Helen Lyon.

216 West Via Lola, Palm Springs, CA 92262

216 West Via Lola, Palm Springs, CA 92262

1945 - The Florian Boyd House, 216 West Via Lola, Palm Springs CA.  An addition was built in 1955, architect unknown.  Sold in 1997 to Thomas Michael Johnson.  Sold in 2018 to Russell Iadevaia, Samuel Goodrich, and Michael Adams.

1947 - The George F. and Marcia Barrett House, 1323 South Driftwood, Palm Springs CA. Built by Joe Pawling. Sold in 1966 to William Holden. Sold in 1977 to Eugene Grace.  Sold many more times.  Sold in 2017 to Mark and Jane Garrison. Top photo by Michael Locke. 


1955 - The Edward H. (Buddy) and Caroyn Morris Renovation, 650 North Via Miralests, Palm Springs CA.  Original house built in 1939. Original owners, Stanley and Alice Guthrie.  Sold in 1955 to Edward and Carolyn Morris.  Interiors by Arthur Elrod.


1956 - The Culver and Sallie Nichols House, 1120 Paseo El Mirador, Palm Springs CA.  Designed with Albert Frey and Chambers. Landscape design by Ken Nishimoto. Interiors by Arthur Elrod.

Sources include:  Morris Newman, Catherine Westergaard Cramer, psmodcom.org, City of Palm Springs Survey, Adele Cygelman.