Abbott was born in Darien GA and earned a Master of Arts in Architecture at Yale under Paul Rudolph. He worked with Bert Brosmith Architect, Sarasota FL, 1959-1961; Architects Hawaii, Ltd., Honolulu, 1962-1963; Norman Foster at TEAM 4 in London, 1962-1963; I .M. Pei Architect, New York City, 1964-1965; before founding his own practice in Sarasota in 1966.  He has been a Professor at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Florida.  Abbott has the highest number of Test of Time Awards given in the Florida / Caribbean Region for Designs of Enduring Significance.  He is also a speaker on the architecture of past civilizations, such as the Maya, about which he has worked extensively to document.  Bio adapted from Wikipedia.


1966 - The David Weld Beach House, 1911 Shore Lane, Boca Grande FL. Featured in Architectural Record Houses of 1972. Built by W. C. Beall. Sold in 1978 to David S. and Patricia C. Williams. Sold in 1996 to Sandra L. Elliott. Sold in 2012 to G. Corson Ellis, III and Marion F. Freeman.

1969 -
5 North Casey Key Road, Nokomis FL. Sold in 1983 to Don and Sally Gage. Sold in 1992 to Robert S. and Elizabeth A. Dienes. For sale in 2019.

1974 - The Elizabeth Deering House, aka Deering Bayfront Residence, 88 North Casey Key, Osprey FL.  Paul Rudolph designed an earlier house for the same client and her husband.  Sold in 2014 to Marian Price. Has been unfortunately altered away from Abbott's design (bottom photo).


1978 - The Brian and Renate Z. Miller House, 724 Tropical Circle, Sarasota FL. Featured in the St. Petersburg Times, 4/6/1980. Sold in 1989 to Michael E. Jaret. Sold in 1994 to Nicholas Shackleton. Sold in 1998 to Donald J. Stanzione. Sold in 2000 to J. Gordon and Phyllis Rubin.

1979 - The Dale and Barbara Jensen House, 805 Pennsylvania Way, Sarasota FL. Featured in the St. Petersburg Times, 4/6/1980. Sold in 2016 to Richard and Laura Jensen Jennings.

1981 - The Sam Dickson and James Drinkwater House, aka Lido Bayfront House,  1051 Westway Drive, Lido Shores, Sarasota FL. Sold in 1990 to Robert M. Salisbury. Sold in 2011 to Thomas E. and Paula G. McInerney. Destroyed 2012.



1982 - The H. A. Gregg Beach House, aka Casa del Cielo, 6100 Midnight Pass Road, Sarasota FL. Winner of the 2009 AIA Florida/Caribbean Test of Time Award. Sold in 2016. Destroyed in 2017 for condos.


1983 - The Riverview House, 4003 Riverview Boulevard, Bradenton FL. Sold to F. Luke and Lili Chiu. Sold in 2000 to Sandra K. Hayes. Sold in 2005 to David M. Lopez. Sold in 2006 to Eugene A. Nock. Sold in 2011 to Karlene Marie Lawson. Sold in 2013 to Robert L. and Anastasia A. Green. Sold in 2015 to Lauther Phillips, LLC.  


1983 - The Gail S. Hicks House, aka House of Terraces, 1604 Jean LaFitte Drive , Boca Grande FL. Sold in 1996 to Marcellyn R. and Leslie K. Diaz, Sr. Sold in 2015 to WLP Family, LLC. Destroyed in 2016; new house built in 2018.



1984 - The Robert C. and Ronni Konx House, aka Villa Cedro,  4637 Hidden Forest Drive, Sarasota FL. Sold in 1999 to Thomas L. Walker and Cheryl Watson. Sold in 2000 to Deborah V. and William H. Baker, Jr. Sold in 2009 to Mary C. Myerson and Robert E. Partridge. Renovation built by MGB. Sold in 2017 to Dale R. Ott.  

Modern putterman jya77m

1986 - The Florence G. and Saul Putterman House, aka Putterman Bayfront House, 220 Morningside Drive,  Lido Shores, Sarasota FL. Winner of the 2013 AIA Florida/Caribbean Test of Time Award.  

1989 - aka Tierra Verde, 1761 Oceanview Drive, Tierra Verde FL.

1995 - The Bert and Anamari Bowers House, aka Beachfront Estate, aka Seaside Estate, aka Casey Key Beachfront, 2201 Casey Key Road, Nokomis FL.

1997 - The Hedric E. and Gretchen Rhodes House, aka Dolphin House, 3251 Higel Avenue, Sarasota FL. Built by Tom Hensey.


1999 - The George C. and Susan M. Nielsen House, 1504 Casey Key Road, Nokomis FL. Sold in 2013 to David R. and Donald R. Wilborn.

2000 - The John Perry and Lois Katherine (Trina) Duffy House, aka Sundial, 45 Lighthouse Point , Longboat Key FL. Sold in 2008 to Maylake Florida LP.

 2001 - The Ann, Sumner, and Glenn Darling House, aka Artist’s Family Compound, 2327 Bispham Road, Sarasota FL.  


2002 - The Ronald L. and Sandra J. Davis House, 3638 San Remo Terrace, Sarasota FL.


2004 - The Gregg M. and Pamela K. Horowitz House, aka South Bay Estate, aka Horowitz Bayfront House, 1177 Bayshore Drive, Englewood FL.



2005 - The Don and Betty Cahall House, 509 Venice Lane, Siesta Key, Sarasota FL. Built by Pat Ball. Sold in 2019 to John Samuel Pierce and Brenda Marie Van Iden.

2006 - aka Villa Cleavage, aka Caribbean Hilltop House, Pearl Drive, Pelican Key, St. Maarten. Apartment available for rent.

2007 - The Carolyn Corbino House, aka House of Columns
, 6610 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key FL. Construction admin by Hall Architects. Featured in Florida/Caribbean Architect, Spring 2013.


2015 - The Leslie M. Butterfield and Stephen Sadoskas House, aka Butterfield Lagoon House, 101 Ogden Street, Sarasota FL. Built by Pat Ball.

Date unknown - aka Fale 0 Lanu, French Polynesia.  Location unknown.

Sources include: Informed by the Land, by Carl Abbott; Carl Abbott; Wikipedia.